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IANNA NOVAC-“Golden Voice over Prut "

       Based on studies classical singing and piano, and won numerous national and international awards, Ianna is a soprano who can easily tackle the repertoire of classic songs from Opera and Operetta, and pop music genre which, moreover, was made known to the public. Having a very good-looking aspect, an incredible voice, Ianna is increasingly requested concert halls in the country and abroad. Ianna Novak is the only female singer in Romania, who passes easily from club music to opera music. She has performed in concerts with Allessandro Safina, Francesco Napoli, Distinto and was part of two of the most successful pop-dance bands from Romania: ASIA and LADIES. Ianna Novac unveils a unique concept show,the pop-opera style combined with clubbing rythms being a novelty for the Romanian public. The show is refined and elegant them a wide repertoire including pop-opera.
      The fact that she had a rich artistic activity over the years who have demonstrated exceptional interpretative qualities that imposed on the Romanian market opera music sonorities dressed in shining modern rhythms, brought her public recognition that has appointed in "Woman of Success Gala 2010”, the title “THE GOLDEN VOICE OVER THE RIVER PRUT”.


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